Withdrawal Request

※The minimum withdrawal request amount is JPY10000 / USD100.
※If the requested withdrawal amount is larger than account balance, the request will be automatically canceled by system.
※Currency of withdrawal will be same as currency of trading account. If the designated currency is not accepted by financial institution, BT Option can provide currency exchange service at the exchange rate of our financial institution.
※Priority for withdrawal will be Credit Card, bitwallet then Bank Remittance. Please be noticed that customers cannot change the priority.
※Please understand that priority will change due to any circumstances and amount of remittance. 
※Withdrawal request will be proceeded once all required documents are ready. Please understand that withdrawal process date and remittance date cannot be designated.
※Please see HERE for withdrawal to local community banks

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    ※Minimum withdrawal amount is JPY10,000 / USD100.

    ※It may take about a minute for application process to be completed. Please do not repeat pressing the submit button while system is still loading. Please check your registered email address for confirmation.