Friends Inviting Campaign

【Campaign Summary】
Current customers of BT Option FX who introduced friends to register at BT Option FX, will receive 50USD Bonus credit per new register.
No upper limitation. Feel free to invite trading friends to join us!

■Campaign Content
For every new customer registers within campaign period and deposit 50USD or above to BT Option FX account, the current trader will receive 50USD.

■Campaign Period
05 Dec 2019 15:00 to 30 Dec 2019 15:00 (GMT)

■Conditions for application
Current trader (Introducer) has to fill in the below form after New customer register at BT Option FX, and deposit for 50USD or above.

    Name (required)

    Introducer Registered Email (required)

    Login Number (required)

    New Register's Email (required)

    Any below conditions must NOT be fulfilled for campaign application.
    (1) Register live account out of campaign period
    (2) If current and new customers are blood-related family relatives
    (3) Introduced new customer registered via affiliater
    (4) Introduced new customer’s deposit amount cannot be confirmed
    (5) Introduced new customer has already submitted one current trader as introducer
    (6) Introduced new customer has already have one current live account at BT option FX
    (7) Inappropriate deposit, withdrawal and/or trading activities is/are recognized under trading rules of BT Option

    (1) Customers fulfilled all conditions for application, can be excluded due to customers’ deposit, withdrawal and/or trading activities, under trading rules of BT Option.
    (2) There are situations that BT Option may not provide reasons for exclusion.
    (3) BT Option reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.