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MetaQuotes 4

Q1: Can I use my phone to access to the MT4 terminal?
Yes, MT4 supports both iOS and Android devices. Please check Here for the download link.

Q2: What is the basic requirement of windows to install the application?
The PC version of MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal can operate under Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/Seven. Hardware requirements are limited with software ones.

Q3: Where can I download the MT4 terminal for Windows?
Please check Here for the download link.

Q4: How to change the language of my MetaTrader 4?
Please, choose menu “View” –> “Languages” –> your preferred language and click OK. After you restart the terminal, its language will be changed to the one you have chosen.

Q5: Which time zone is MT4 in? Can it be changed?
No, the time zone cannot be changed. The MT4 trading platform is set to GMT.

Q6: I have already downloaded MT4, how do I log in to my live account?
As soon as your account application is approved, the system will automatically provide you with your login details. To access the platform, enter your login username and password and choose the Bidtopia Capital Live Server option.

Q7: What is the difference between demo and real accounts?
While all features and functions of a real account are also available for a demo account, you should keep in mind that simulation cannot replicate real trading market conditions. One relevant difference is that the volume executed through the simulation does not affect the market; while in real trading volumes have effect on the market, especially when the deal size is large. The speed of execution is the same for real trading accounts as for the demo accounts.

Q8: How do I load my data history?
Go to Tools/History Center. Expand the symbol to show all subsets and click on the subset you wish to download (the timeframe doesn’t necessarily need clicking). Then, click Download (click “Ok” to any further dialog boxes).

Q9: How do I manage/close orders?
There are two ways. 1) Right-click the order on the chart, choose Modify or Close. For modifying, you can adjust the order parameters in the Dialog which comes up, assuming appropriate parameters for the direction. 2) Ensure the terminal window is displayed (if not, go to View/Terminal). Click on the Trade tab on the terminal window. There, any open or pending orders will be displayed. Right-click on the order and a series of options will come up to modify, close, or set a trailing stop to the order. Any modifications available will come up in a dialog box. Orders can also be closed in the terminal window by the “x” on the very right, though you may have to accept “one-click trade” conditions.

Q10: Why am I unable to open a position?
First of all, please make sure you have successfully logged in with your trading account. Connection status in the right lower corner will indicate whether you are connected with our server or not. If you are unable to open a “New Order” window and the “New Order” button in the toolbar is inactive, then you logged in with your investor password and should log in again with your trader password instead. An “Invalid SL/TP” message means the Stop Loss or Take Profit levels you set up are incorrect. “Not enough money” message means your free margin is not sufficient to open an order.

Q11: Is it possible to access the same account from different computers?
Yes – as long as you have the correct login details, you can log in to the platform from any computer, provided your connection settings are correct and the connection is not being blocked by a firewall or your ISP.