Open Demo Account on Mobile device

①On the top page of MT4 App, click the ” Ξ ” icon and expand the menu
②Click manage accounts

③Click ” + ” on the top right corner
④Open a Demo Account

⑤Search “Bidtopiacapital-live”
⑥Choose the Bidtopiacapital-live server
⑦Fill in personal information
⑧Create account

⑨Click the ” Ξ ” icon and expand the menu
⑩Open Mailbox
⑪Collect login credentials in the latest email with title “New account Registration”

Login demo account on PC

①Click Login to Trade Account under the dropdown list of File on Tool Bar
②Enter the login number and password that collected from mailbox in mobileapp
③Confirm that you are choosing the correct Server

Feel free to contact us by filling in the enquiry form.
Good luck.